The first Holy Communion is a great moment in your child’s life. Every parent wants to make it special. When it comes to making the moment special, we start with special attire that can make us more beautiful especially on that celebrating moment. Today, Paranz is going to show you how to prepare for it. This ceremony has a strict dress code and Paranz will help you to easily pick the best first communion dress.

Make your child understand the importance of the first communion

It is a religious celebration and sometimes parents wonder how to explain the first communion to their children. It is a popular celebration in Christian traditions and through this ceremony, a child receives the Holy Eucharist. This celebration is about a re-enchantment of the final meal of Jesus Christ. In the memory of Jesus, the communicants receive bread and wine.

Generally Catholic families celebrate Holy Communion with gatherings and gifts. Generally, the parent celebrates first Holy Communion when the child is between seven to fourteen years. From that time, children are ready to welcome Jesus and follow the teachings of the Church.

Dress Code for the First Holy Communion

It is your child’s religious event and that’s why you need to make the dress conservative and modest. Here you can skip the designer pieces but you should not comfortable and elegant dresses. Paranz has already introduced a series of floor-length gowns and they are perfectly comfortable and elegant. There are some strict dress codes as it is a religious celebration and you should not avoid the guidelines. In a First Communion service, generally, twenty to thirty kids take part and this celebration lasts for two to three hours. Aesthetics and tradition suggest that all the participated kids should be dressed alike and it will be great if there is no major attire discrepancy. Before the celebration, all the parents get the same guidelines and after that, you can easily choose the recommended pieces.

If you have no idea what exactly a child is supposed to wear on that day, here Paranz is offering some general steps and rules to easily pick the proper first communion dress for your child-

1) Make it simple and age-appropriate- the clothing should be simple and of good quality so that it cannot distract your little child during the service by causing temptation or discomfort.

2) Here no casual clothing is allowed such as a T-shirt or denim. If the church authority permits, you can let him/her wear but generally, this kind of casual dress is restricted.

3) Ivory or white colors dresses are perfect as they convey elegancy through outfits

4) In order to create a clean look, you need to keep ornaments and accessories to a minimum and you should not choose a dress which is of with extra sequin, ruffle, frills, bow or feathers.

5) You need to ask your Church’s representative that if they have any special dress code or not because these rules or dress codes vary according to tradition and region.

Dress code Do’s for girls

You should pick dresses with-

A) White or ivory color with simple neck cuts and sleeves and a good length (below the knee r calf length)

B) You can pair the dress with a sweater or an elegant cardigan or a bolero jacket (your little daughter may need to take it off during the service)

C) Dress shoes without heels in light colors or simple flats

D) Nude color tights, ivory or ankle socks

E) Gloves (optional)

F) Headpieces such as headbands, ribbon or floral wreath (optional)

Dress codes DON’T:

I) Too bright or dark-colored dresses with complicated cuts and patterns

II) Tight, short or sleeveless dresses

III) Spaghetti straps, tank tops, too deep cut neckline

IV) High heeled shoes in dark colors

V) Dark tights or long socks

VI) Make-up

Apart from all these religious dress codes, as a parent, you should care first about the comfort level of your children. And that’s why you need to choose the dress of high quality material. You should not choose something which has poor breathability. Gowns or other long dresses with cotton lining always keep the children relaxed.

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