Nearly every little girl nurtures a common dream. They dream of growing up to shop for their own wedding gowns. The task is never easy – specially when you’ve hundreds of designers and several thousands of their products to choose from. Design trends of bridal gowns have changed drastically with the passage of time. These days many brides are relying on designer gowns to meet their requirements. But ofcourse affording that kind of money is never easy for everyone. In the following paragraphs let us explore few easy tips to get some of the best wedding dresses while saving big at the same time.

Feasible ideas to save big on wedding dresses

  • Go simple: More often than not designer gowns are exorbitantly priced. The same is true for gowns that do not belong to the designer category. This is mainly for the plenty of trimmings and bead work that are done on them to look gorgeous. Therefore it is a sound idea to choose a gown with fewer decorations. That way, even a designer gown will be more affordable. However, many women just love those laces and beadings. And we’ve a solution for them as well. They can seek bridal gowns with embellishments only on the bodice while leaving the skirt and the train looking modest and simple.
  • Avoid custom alterations: If you’re stretching your budget for a designer gown, make sure that you select something that does not require special alterations or changes. Even simple alterations like adding sleeves or altering a neckline are known to cost anywhere between $300 and $500 for each adjustment. This cost is in addition to any other regular alteration. To cut a long story short, make sure to buy designer gowns that look perfect just the way they are without the need of any special change done to them.
  • Choose a simple, modest silhouette: Ball gowns do look too aristocratic, too superb. But do you know they also require more taffetas, more fabric and organza in making? This is the reason why they are so costly compared to those simple a-line gowns. If you want to have a designer gown with an affordable price tag select one that has limited layers.
  • Go for sample sales: At sample sales you’re more likely to get great bridal gowns at discounted cost. Usually such sales are organized twice a year – the summer and the winter. Stores and showrooms seek making room for the next season’s designer gowns and thus they mark down items from the previous season. Sometimes – if you’re lucky – you can get as much as 80% discount at these places. You’ve to plan little ahead of time to enjoy this advantage.

Shopping for wedding dresses are usually lifetime experiences. Never put yourself under severe strain to take home a designer wedding dress. However, if you land on a great deal – in one way or the other – do not let it slip away. What you do in case you are not so lucky enough to land on a good deal? Just keep your eyes and ears open and keep searching. Premium fashion brands offer such deals almost at regular intervals. A premiere store Paranz – the Boutique organizes such discount sales more than once in a year. You may sign up their newsletter to know about their upcoming sales at the right time. The important fact to underline here is without some advanced planning, say at least 6 months ahead, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of those discount sales – unless you’re exceptionally lucky ofcourse.

Ideally how much should you spend on a wedding dress?

The price range of dresses made for wedding varies widely. Thus people often get confused to decide how much they should ideally spend on that range of commodities. Taking a chance on $99 sale is too risky in one hand while on the other you’ve no better option than breaking the bank. If the fact is to be told, this is a unique call that only the concerned individuals or couples should take.

However, as a standard and acceptable benchmark, it is okay to allocate 10% of an individual’s (read bride’s) total wedding budget on dress. This benchmark is particularly meaningful if a bride’s parents are footing the bill for her gown.

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